Preventive Upkeep For Your Chimney


Winter is here, and it’s time to double check that your home is ready. Here then is a general list of things to remember to do when thinking of your home over the winter months. Keep in mind, this list is for occupied homes. If you are looking at winterizing a vacant home, it would be best to contact a plumber who could go through the steps required to ensure no pipes will break or freeze.

There is only one reason you would really need to have a chimney liner installed in your chimney flue. If your chimney flue is decaying or damaged in any way, a chimney liner installed it a good way to fix this problem. On the other hand if your chimney flues are not damaged in any way then you will not need to have a chimney liner installed.

Brick and stone chimneys require service to prevent leaks over time. Failing to perform the necessary maintenance can result in unattractive and potentially dangerous chimney leaks. There are other ways to determine whether you have a chimney leak. For instance, if you notice water running down the flue, or if exposed chimney masonry is constantly wearing due to heavy rains, you may end up with a chimney leak.

Therefore, it is just vital that you immediately do the chimney repair even if the cracks or the damages are small. There is a wide array of materials that can be availed at the stores to help you repair the chimney on your own. Of course, the materials used for chimney flashing repair for stones are different from the ones used for bricks.

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In either case, a blocked flue is a repair you definitely should not postpone making. The flue is responsible for transporting harmful gases, smoke, and heat from your home. You definitely would not want these substances to start accumulating inside your home because of a blocked flue.

One of the major problems with the chimney is formation of cracks. They can be found on both internal and external walls of the chimney. Before repairing the chimney, it has to be cleaned with brush. In order to remove soot without damaging the structure, it is necessary to find out the tuck point and apply fresh mortar to replace damaged mortar joints. A mortar hawk is used in horizontal joints and tough places and a joint filter is used for vertical joints. Cracks can also be sealed using a mixture of concrete pigment or fortifier in the mortar.

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These tips will hopefully give you the advice you need. If you read this, you’re probably thinking of renovating. Many projects can be completed easily by a novice and the results will look professional.